2020 – A campaign to encourage OSADI’s solution to food sustainability in partnership with the Tree Planter’s Nursery, who donated forty (40) fruit trees of 4 varieties suitable for backyard spaces distributed to the general public who were asked to contribute a minimum of one dollar ($1.00 XCD) to the Project Plant a Seed Charity.

2021 – OSADI was awarded SCAC Small Grants from the French Embassy to the OECS based in
St. Lucia, which contributed to our second anniversary campaigns in two phases.

2022 – The Sip and Plant Social is a social event in which the general public can design and own their very own sustainable mini grow box with kitchen herbs.

The OSADI Summer Programme is a collaborative effort with Safe Hands Summer Camp facilitating youths between the ages of 8 to 14 to partner with various greenpreneurs and receive exposure to agricultural techniques.

Tree Planters Nursery – Tree propagation techniques

Government of Dominica – Fisheries Division aqua rearing plant

Aqua Farm Developments – Aquaculture and fresh water rearing plant

D Smart Farm – Farm education on backyard farming

Tree Planter’s Nursery (21 May 2022)

David Burton’s History of Anthuriums (23 May 2022)

Dr Robinson – Honey bees (16 August 2022)

Cocoa La Belle (17 June 2023)

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