Alyah LeBlanc

Alyah is an enthusiast for anything sustainable. With an educational background in agriculture and project management, LeBlanc saw the need to address the food sustainability crisis where we can contribute to our food systems through awareness through the initiative.

Project Assistant

Davitia James

With a Master’s degree in earth science focused on volcanology, Davitia is quite the environmentalist and spends every bit of her spare time outdoors in nature. James plays a vital role as a project assistant to the organization by organizing sustainable events and conducting interviews for our green content.

Project Assistant/Videographer

Tiffany Marcelle

Tiffany is a qualified professional with a Master’s degree in industrial engineering focused on project management where she assists with the organization’s sustainable campaigns and videography for our green content.

Social Media Assistant

Oisha Joseph

Oisha has an eye for detail and precision as an early childhood educator. Joseph assists with the social media platforms, monitoring the content analytics and promoting sustainable campaigns.

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